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Abortions As Women's Conscience

Obat Aborsi - Talking about abortion actually talking about women. Because the issue of abortion is also the issue of women, which until now, was considered Arivia girl, needs no elaboration and enlightened to the parties who took one side of the debate, namely the traditional perspective that does not emphasize sendiri.Selama women's interests are still many who view abortion as black and white that absolutely can not touch, until only two options to react: the pros or cons. Agree or reject. Women in this case also always seen as the sole perpetrator of abortion, in which the public and the government as turning a blind eye to the problem of abortion inevitably directly related to women's lives and the people around him.

In fact, no less than 2 million Indonesian women each year have abortions because Unwanted Pregnancy (KTD). The results of the study by the Center for UI Health and Women's Health Foundation in 2003, found that 87% of those who had an abortion is a housewife who has a husband. It was also found that of the 2 million cases per year, most abortions are unsafe. Moreover, in ASEAN, Indonesia is the highest in maternal mortality. One of the factors that led to these deaths are bleeding and bleeding cases occurred in the case of unsafe abortion. Abortion cases causing death ranged from 13-50% of cases of death due to bleeding.

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Based on the WHO report of 2006, this figure had risen to 2.3 million cases per year. Assumed to occur 6,301 cases every day or 4 events per second. The surprising fact that 70% of the perpetrators of these abortions are housewives. Research Foundation for Women's Health in 2003 said 87% who have abortions are wives and mothers, only 12% by the young women. These results far different from the assumption that abortion is synonymous with sex that resulted KTD. , The research is clinical research, in terms of data obtained from hospitals, clinics or health centers. That's why research shows that the majority of abortion is a housewife. However, the research does not reach that many illegal abortions performed by women before marriage. In fact, according to Inna Hudaya of Samsara, service agency extension of abortion based on the network, from the amount it would have been even greater, because it is like an iceberg phenomenon, women's premarital who want an abortion certainly shy and not easy to get access to services to hospitals, health centers or clinics because collided with the requirements of age, status or economic.

During this time, when faced with the problem of unwanted pregnancy, women were the most burdened and most responsible. When they want safe abortion services, hardly any doctor who wants to help. Likewise, when a woman says that she does not want her pregnancy, doctors will refuse. Things inhibit abortion services by doctors, according to Prof. Dr. Sudraji Sumapraja SpOG of POGI for their oath Indonesia which among others stated "respect all human life from the moment of conception". Which means, most of the physicians thought that life had begun when the egg and sperm meet. Therefore abortion is considered a crime against life.

As a result most of them then fled into practice shaman massage or abort themselves. Cases like these that most often lead to the risk of bleeding and lead to death. In www.womenonweb.org, sites about abortion, it is written that every year 42 million women have abortions and every 7 minutes a woman dies needlessly due to abortions that are not safe.

Each case of abortion emerged and revealed, people only look at the abortion issue only a moral issue and a criminal. If you look further and in, whether it is true that abortion is a matter of black and white? How corridor religion and law regulate abortion? So what can governments and communities to address issues of abortion and women as perpetrators?

Abortion is an option when there is an unwanted pregnancy (KTD). In ancient Greece, pregnancy is suddenly also something not so desirable, not only for married women but also those who have not. To deal with such a case, the Greeks practiced protection during intercourse or perform abortions. In the case of a sudden pregnancy, women Greece usually have to choose between aborting intentionally (with spells, do heavy work or work of the agency) and abortion. Everything depends on the woman to determine in what way he would use. Only in the case of abortion, the presence of the husband or master (if he is a slave) is needed.

When an unwanted pregnancy (KTD), there are only three choices: become a parent (mother), adoption or abortion. Not a few women out of wedlock choose jual obat aborsi the last option. Many then thought that after abortion women feel relieved. Is that right? Is abortion the best way and do not have fatal consequences? Or abortion for any reason should not be carried out because the perpetrators would violate the ethical, moral and considered as perpetrators?

First of all let us understand first what it was abortion. Referring to Kees Berten, said abortion itself comes from the English Abortion referring to the two meanings. First, abortion miscarriage implies that inadvertently remove the fetus is not the time of birth. It is also called spontaneous abortion. Second, deliberate action to remove the fetus due to a reason and it is against the law. It is divided into three, namely artificial abortion that abortion occurs as a result of an act; The second artificial abortion therapeutic abortion is performed on the basis of medical reasons for the interest of the mother, both physically, mentally and socially; The third is that abortion artificial abortion nonterapeutik done not on the basis of medical reasons. A debate concerning abortion is done between the pro-choice to pro-life groups.

They can approve of abortion, stressing the right of women concerned to make decisions about her own body. It is called by pro-choice. While those who reject abortion as unethical, underlining the rights of fetuses in the womb (pro-life). The problem is whether the fetus in the womb of his mother really have that right? The moment of conception or at a later point in its development.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the fetus was 20 weeks for medically fetus can not survive outside the womb. Conversely if the termination of pregnancy performed when the fetus is aged over the age of 20 weeks then it is infanticide or killing of the fetus.

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